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Acetylcholine Receptor Antibodies, AchR, ACR
Acid Glycoprotein (Orosomucoid) / AGP
Adalimumab Antibodies, Anti Drug Antibodies, ADA
Adalimumab Drug Level, Trough Adalimumab, Humira, Anti TNF Alpha
Adrenal Antibodies (see endocrine autoantibodies) 
AFP Allotype – Lectin Binding Index, Fucosylation Index, Yolk Sac AFP
ALEX Allergy Chip (Allergy Explorer)
Allergen Specific IgE
Allergen Specific IgG Bee/Wasp Venom
Alpha - Foetoprotein (AFP) (Tumour Marker)
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin PCR Genotype (Anti-Trypsin)
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Phenotype, PI Typing (Anti-Trypsin)
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin, AAT (Anti-Trypsin)
Alpha 1 Microglobulin, Alpha - 1MG, Protein HC
Alpha 2 Macroglobulin, Alpha-2MG
Alternative Pathway Haemolytic Complement / AP50
Amyloid A Protein, SAA
Anaesthetic/Drug Adverse Reactions (NARCOS)
ANCA, IIF Screen Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies
Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA HEP2), ANF.
Apolipoprotein A-I and B
Autoimmune Encephalitis Screen (NMDAR, CASPR2, LGI1, AMPAR1/2, DPPX and GABA Receptor Antibodies)
Basal Ganglia Antibodies
Basophil Activation Test, BAT
Bence Jones Protein, BJP, Urine Free Light Chains, BJP (24 Hr Excretion) 
Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibodies IgG and IgM. B2GP.
Beta 2 Interferon Neutralising Antibody
Beta 2 Microglobulin. B2M Urine and Serum.
C1 Esterase Inhibitor (Quantitation and Functional Level)
C1Q Antibodies
C3 and C4
C3 Nephritic Factor, C3NEF
C3d Levels, C3 Breakdown Product
C4 Genotype
C5–C9 (C5, C6, C7, C8, C9), Membrane Attack Complex (MAC)
CA15-3, Polymorphous Epithelial Mucin
Caeruloplasmin, Wilsons / Cirrhosis Screen (Copper Oxidase)/ Ferroxidase
Candida Precipitins
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin, CDT.
Carcinoembryonic Antigen, CEA
Carcinoembryonic Antigen, CEA in Pancreatic Cyst Fluid
Cardiac Muscle Antibodies
Cardiolipin Antibodies, ACA IgG and IgM
CD11C and CD123 Dendritic Cell Analysis. DCML Screen.
CD40 and CD40 Ligand
Centromere Antibody, IIF, Kinetechore
Cerebellum (Purkinje) Cell Antibody IIF Screen (Hu, Ri, Yo, Tr, CV2, Ma/Ta), Neuronal Antibody.
Cholinesterase Phenotype
Chromogranin A (CGA)
Classical Pathway Haemolytic Complement Assay / CH50
Complement - Factor H/Factor I
CSF Tau Protein (Beta 2 Transferrin) for Rhinorrhoea
Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (CCP) Antibody
CYFRA 21-1
Diphtheria Antibodies, Functional Antibodies
DNA Antibodies, Double-Stranded IgG Crithidia Assay
DNA Antibodies, Double-Stranded, IgG dsDNA
ECP, Eosinophil Cationic Protein
ENA Antibodies Screen
ENA Antibodies, ENA Specific Types, RO (SS-A)/LA (SS-B)/SM/RNP/SCL-70/JO-1/RO52
Endocrine Antibodies (Adrenal, Ovarian, Testes)
Endomysial Antibodies (IgA)
Endothelial Cell Antibodies
Factor B
Faecal Calprotectin
Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)
First Trimester Downs Screening, Combined Test (PAPPA FBHCG). Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18 Risk Factors.
Free Light Chains (Serum)
Ganglioside Antibodies GD1a, GD1b, GT1b (IgG or IgM)
Ganglioside Antibodies GM1 IgG or IgM
Ganglioside Antibodies GQ1b IgG or IgM
Gastric Parietal Cell Antibody (see autoantibodies - Liver)
Gliadin Antibodies (IgG and IgA)
Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibodies, GBM Screen
Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Antibodies (GAD, GAD65)
Glycine Receptor Antibodies
Haemophilus Influenzae B (HiB Antibodies, Functional Antibodies).
Haptoglobin Levels
HEP 2 Antigen Blot (SS-A, SS-B, Sm, RNP, SCL-70, JO-1, PM-SCL, CENT B, CENT C, AMA-M2, RIB-P, RO52).
High Sensitivity CRP, Ultrasensitive CRP
Histone Antibodies
Human Anti-Mouse Antibodies, HAMA 
Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin/LDH
IA2 Antibodies, Anti Tyrosine Phosphatase Antibodies.
IgA Antibodies
IgA Tissue Transglutaminase 6 Antibodies (TTG6, TG6)
IgE, Total
IgG Subclasses
IgG Tissue Transglutaminase 6 Antibodies (TTG6, TG6)
Immunoglobulin D, IgD
Immunoglobulin Immunofixation
Immunoglobulins IgG IgA IgM Levels with Electrophoresis.
Infliximab Antibodies, Anti-Drug Antibodies, ADA
Infliximab Drug Level, Trough Infliximab, Anti-TNF Alpha
Inhibin A (Tumour Marker)
Inhibin B
Insulin Antibodies IgG
Interleukin 6, IL-6
Intrinsic Factor Antibody. IFA.
ISAC (Immuno Solid-Phase Allergen Chip)
Islet Cell Antibody, ICA
LGI1 and CASPR2 Antibodies (Limbic Encephalitis screen), (Leucine-rich glioma-inactivated protein 1, Contactin-associated protein 2)
Liver and Gastric Parietal Cell Antibodies, LKS Substrate (ANA, AMA, SMA, LKM, GPC)
Liver Blot (AMA-M2, M2-E3, Sp100, PML Ag, gp210, LKM-1, LC-1,SLA/LP, RO52)
Lymphocyte PHA/OKT3 Response, Lymphocyte Proliferation
Mannose Binding Lectin, MBL, MBP
Memory B Cell Analysis
Methyl Histamine, Urine/UMH
Milk Antibodies, IgG
Mitochondrial Antibody, PBC Screen, AMA.
Muscle Specific Kinase Antibodies
Myelin Associated Glycoprotein Antibodies (Anti-MAG)
Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibodies (MOG Antibodies)
Myelin Sheath / Myelin Associated Glycoprotein by IIF
Myeloperoxidase (MPO) Antibodies
Myoglobin, Serum or Urine
Myositis Screen (Mi-2alpha, Mi-2beta, TIF1-gamma, MDA5, NXP2, SAE1, Ku, PM-Scl100, PM-Scl75, Jo-1, SRP, PL-7, PL-12, EJ, OJ, Ro-52)
Neuromyelitis Optica IgG Antibodies / Aquaporin 4 Antibodies / NMO
Neuronal Blot (Amphiphysin, CV2.1, PNMA2 [Ma2/Ta], RI, YO, HU)
Neutrophil Function: Di- Hydrorhodamine Test (DHR)
N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antibodies / NMDAR
NSE (Neurone Specific Enolase), Gamma-Enolase
Oligoclonal Bands, CSF IgG Oligoclonal Bands and IgG/Alb Ratio.
Ovarian Antibodies
Pemphigoid and Pemphigus Antibodies. Skin Antibodies.
Phospholipase A2 Antibody, PLA2R, Antiphospholipase A2 Antibody, MPLA2R.
PLAP, Placental Alkaline Phosphatase
Pneumococcal Antibodies (Functional Antibodies)
Pneumococcal Serotypes
Precipitins, Aspergillus ABPA Precipitins
Precipitins, Avian (Budgie, Pigeon)
Precipitins, Farmers Lung/ Micropolysporum faenii/Laceyella sacchari
Primary Immunodeficiency Panel. PID Panel
Procollagen Type III Peptide, P3NP
Prostaglandin D2, PGD2
Prostaglandin DM, PGDM
Prostaglandin F2 Alpha, PGDF
Proteinase 3 (PR3) Antibodies
PSA Index (PSA Ratio Free to Bound)
PSA, Total Serum
Quantiferon (Gamma Interferon for TB)
Renal Biopsy, Immunofluorescent (Native or Transplant Kidney)
Retinol Binding Protein
Rheumatoid Factor Total Antibody (IgM)
RNA Polymerase III Antibodies (RNA Polymerase 3)
Salivary Duct Antibody and Salivary Gland Antibody
SCID Screen (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency screen) by Flow Cytometry
Second Trimester Downs Screening. Quadruple Test (Total HCG AFP UE3 Inhibin A).
Serum Paraprotein
Skeletal Muscle Antibodies
Skin Antibodies: BP180, BP230, Desmoglein 1 (DSG1) and Desmoglein 3 (DSG3)
Split Skin Antibodies
Systemic Sclerosis blot (Antibodies to: Scl-70, CENP-A, CENP-B, RPII, RP155, Fibrillarin (U3 RNP), NOR90, Th/To, PM-Scl75, Ku, PDGFR (platelet derived growth factor receptor), Ro52).
Tetanus Antibodies (Functional Antibodies).
Thrombospondin Type-1 Domain Containing 7A (THSD7A).
Thyroglobulin Antibodies
Thyroid Microsomal (Peroxidase) Antibodies, TPO
Thyroid Receptor Antibodies (TSH Receptor Antibodies), TRAb.
Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody (IgG and IgA), TTG
Toll Like Receptors, TLR
Transferrin, Serum
Transthyretin, Pre Albumin
Tryptase, Serum or Plasma
Urine Gluten Immunogenic Peptides
Urine Protein Selectivity/Clearance Profile (IgG/Albumin Ratio)/Protein Clearance Ratio
Vasculitic Screen (C3, C4, Immunoglobulins, ANCA, Hep2 (ANA), RF)
Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Antibodies
Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Antibodies - This test has now been superseded by the LGI1 and CASPR2 tests.
ZnT8 Antibodies
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